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Blue Star Service Banner

Buy quality Blue Star Banners to represent those in the military service. These Blue Star Banners come in size 8'x14' and are Made in the U.S.A.
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Blue Star Banner

CVSFlags.com offers wholesale prices and dependable quality. As your family member(s) show pride and service to their country, you can show pride in them by displaying one of our brilliant, Blue Star Banners. Like our U.S. flags , we are proud to say our Blue Banners are made in the US. They are crafted with bridal grade satin material that holds vibrant color. They are then finished off with radiant, gold fringe and matching, hanging cord with tassels. Show your support for family members serving in the military and order one today. Click on description for product details.

      Made In The USA   

Lot Flag Size Description Stock # * Delivered Price
1 - 2 8" X 14" Blue Star Banner Z03500819094 $15.55 ea. Add one 8" X 14" Blue Star Banner to your cart
3 - 11 8" X 14" Blue Star Banner Z03500819094 $11.05 ea. Add three 8" X 14" Blue Star Banners to your cart
12 - 49 8" X 14" Blue Star Banner Z03500819094 $9.55 ea. Add twelve 8" X 14" Blue Star Banners to your cart
50 + 8" X 14" Blue Star Banner Z03500819094 Call for price
* Continental U.S. only


      Made In The USA   


History: Blue Star Banner

The Blue Star Service Banner is a very important flag banner displayed by many Americans with a family member serving in the military service, especially today. The Blue Star flag was originally displayed starting in World War I and was used as a symbol to recognize the family member or members that were away, in service of their country. The blue stars, amidst the white field, represent each member of the family that is in active duty. Blue Star Service Banners continue to be displayed today whenever a family member is away and is still a treasured symbol of support for our troops.

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