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Christian Flag

Get in touch with your spiritual side with a Christian flag from CVSFlags.com.

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Christian Flag

Made in the U.S.A. and coming in a variety of sizes, we have a Christian flag to meet any need. These flags are made with SolarMax 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon and completed with a canvas header and stunning brass grommets to insure maximum durability. Beautifully dyed in vibrant shades of pure white, navy blue, and crimson red, this Christian flag can be shipped to you today.

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Flag Size Description Stock # Price
2' X 3' Christian Flag Nylon Z07010102001 $14.80 Add one 2' X 3' Nylon Christian Flag to your cart
3' X 5' Christian Flag Nylon Z07010103001 $21.50 Add one 3' X 5' Nylon Christian Flag to your cart
4' X 6' Christian Flag Nylon Z07010104001 $32.75 Add one 4' X 6' Nylon Christian Flag to your cart
5' X 8' Christian Flag Nylon Z07010105001 $42.50 Add one 5' X 8' Nylon Christian Flag to your cart
6' X 10' Christian Flag Nylon Z07010106001 $67.50 Add one 6' X 10' Nylon Christian Flag to your cart

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Christian flag history leads us back to over 100 years ago. A Sunday school at the Coney Island chapel was holding a Rally Day in 1897 and the scheduled speaker did not show. In efforts to cover time, Superintendent Charles C. Overton saw an American Flag and began to discuss its symbolism. From this he realized there should also be a Christian flag and he verbally designed it on the spot. This verbal picture is the Christian flag we know today and is one of the oldest unchanged flags in the world. The Christian flag is considered to be the only free flag in existence and offers no specified denomination. The majority of the flag is a pure white with one small navy blue square in the upper left hand corner. In this square lay a crimson red cross.

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