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Episcopal Flag

Fly proudly the official symbol of your Episcopal faith with an Episcopal flag from CVSFlags.com.

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Episcopal Flag

CVSFlags.com offers Episcopal flags in a variety of sizes, all of which are made in the USA. These flags are constructed with SolarMax 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon and completed with a white header and stunning brass grommets to insure maximum durability. Our Episcopal Flags are brilliantly dyed to vibrant shades of pure white, crimson red, and liberty blue and can be shipped to you today.

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3' X 5' Episcopal Flag Nylon Z07050103001 $24.45 Add one 3' X 5' Nylon Episcopal Flag to your cart
4' X 6' Episcopal Flag Nylon Z07050104001 $40.50 Add one 4' X 6' Nylon Episcopal Flag to your cart
5' X 8' Episcopal Flag Nylon Z07050105001 $52.50 Add one 5' X 8' Nylon Episcopal Flag to your cart

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The Episcopal flag was officially adopted in 1940, but its history dates back to 1918 and the Diocese of Long Island. For the Diocese's fiftieth anniversary, the Episcopal Bishop of Long Island appointed chapter member William Baldwin to plan a ceremony for the occasion. A parade of banners was a portion of this ceremony. There were 170 banners in this parade which symbolized specific parishes, missions, diocesan, and archdeaconries; but none to represent the Episcopal faith as a whole. This saddened Mr. Baldwin and led him to create what we know as the official Episcopal flag today. This flag offers a pure white field representing purity, a red cross to symbolize the blood of Christ, and a blue canton which stands for humanity. The blue canton is featured in the upper left corner of the flag and within this space are nine white crosses which represent the nine US states of the church's origin. The red, white, and blue colors were chosen to pay homage to the American flag.

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