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Message Flags

Made in the U.S.A. with outdoor nylon fabric, our flags are the perfect way to announce any event. These flags offer three equal horizontal stripes of blue, white and red and come with several message options. They are finished with white headers and brass grommets.

Find Message Flags $12 to $18 each




Get Recognized!

Did that grab your attention?

Message flags are meant to alert, attract and acquire new visitors to a particular event, place or thing. People have short attention spans, and advertisers are constantly thinking of new ways to attract new visitors. Message flags are a low cost, eye catching solution to the problem. Message flags display simple text that demands the attention of nearby people. When used strategically, message flags can be extremely effective at gaining exposure from the outside world. They take up very little space and cost much less than a traditional advertising.

Message flags can serve numerous purposes, including:

  • Attracting people to your local car wash
  • Alerting people to the grand opening of your business, store, restaurant, etc.
  • Notifying nearby shoppers of your sale

So if you are looking for a low cost way to generate more attention, look no further! Our message flags have the color and the quality to get you noticed. Want another marketing banner alternative consider one of our feather flags.

Not finding the message that you need? Contact us for a prompt quote. We can explore various options and even customize a message flag that is right for you.

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