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We understand that there is no offseason when it comes to sports. Sporting events take place all year round, and CVS Flags is here to keep you in the game. We carry a wide range of sports flags for a variety of teams and sports related activities.

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Whether you are watching a game or playing in one, showing allegiance to your team is part of the excitement. Sports flags are a perfect way to display your team pride. CVS Flags has a diverse selection of sports flags in order to cover all of your favorite seasons. Just like you are committed to your team, we are committed to our flags. Our sports flags are constructed using the highest quality materials and are made to last.

The sports flags that we currently sell include:

  • NFL Flags - Is America’s favorite league also your favorite? We have officially licensed NFL flags for all 32 teams.
  • NCAA Flags - The top college sports teams have some of the biggest followings. Regardless if you are an alumni or a team supporter, our college sports flags have you covered.
  • Golf Flags – A weather dependent sport should fly flags made of the most durable materials.
  • Nautical Flags (Boat Flags) – Make sure your boat is noticed and identifiable when on the water.
  • Skin Diver flags (Diver Down flags) – Alert nearby boats to the presence of divers below the surface.
  • International Code of Signals flags – When all else fails, the international code of signals helps you communicate with nearby vessels.

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Heavy Duty
Spinning Flagset

Heavy Duty Spinning Flagset
No more tangles! Display your flag or banner on a pole that “spins freely”.
View Video demonstration of spinning flagpole...
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Just in time for Tailgating

Tailgate Flagpole
Portable 16’ Telescoping Flagpole. Perfect for tailgating anytime - anywhere. Easy set up!
Video flagpole set up
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