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Storm Warning Signal Sets Nylon

These flags represent the official Storm Warning Signal Sets for Gale force winds and tropical storm/ hurricane winds.

Our Storm Warning/ Hurricane flags are made with bright colored 200-denier heavy-duty SolarMax nylon to withstand the extreme conditions Mother Nature unleashes while allowing mariners to see the warning flags clearly. In addition, each flag is fitted with strong white headers and brass grommets to ensure a secure and lasting attachment to the flagpole. Available in two size and sold in sets of (4) flags (includes two red gale pennants and two red/black hurricane flags). For additional Storm Warning Flag sizes contact us.

Storm Warning Set Size #1

Flag Size Description Stock # Price
18" X 18" (2) Hurricane Flags Z14040136001000 $27.70 Add to Cart
18" X 36" (2) Gale Pennants


Storm Warning Set Size #2

Flag Size Description Stock # Price
3' X 3' (2) Hurricane Flags Z14040137001000 $44.25 Add to Cart
18" X 36" (2) Gale Pennants

Other sizes available, call or email for a prompt quote.

Importance of Storm Warning/ Hurricane Flags
Storm Warning Flags are designed to alert mariners to the strength of the incoming storm so they can either seek shelter or batten down the hatches. There are four categories of storm warnings that can be communicated to maritime vessels using storm-warning flags.

  • Small Craft Warning - 1 red pennant; forecast of high winds up to 38 mph (33 knots)
  • Gale Warning - 2 red pennants; winds predicted between 39-54 mph (34-47 knots)
  • Storm Warning - 1 red flag with black square; signifies winds of 55-73 mph (48-63 knots)
  • Hurricane Warning - 2 red flags with black squares; winds exceeding 74 mph (64 knots)

About Storm Warning/ Hurricane Flags
Storm Warning flags were initially adopted by the US Weather Bureau as a system of maritime weather warning in the early twentieth century. Originally, a combination of flags and pennants were used to alert mariners of the direction of the oncoming storm, however in 1958 that was changed to indicate the strength of the wind rather than the direction of the storm; and in 1989, the National Weather Service discontinued posting flag warnings, as they were less reliable than marine radio broadcasts. However, some U.S. Coast Guard Stations still display the warning signals without the participation of the National Weather Service. Therefore, if you're out on the water and concerned about the possibility of a storm listen to the National Weather Service broadcast.

As important as Storm Warning/ hurricane flags are, they aren't the only necessary flags/ signal sets necessary for communicating with maritime vessels. Other important nautical flags boats and yachts should have on their craft include:
Skin Diver Flags (Diver-Down Flags)
International Code of Signals Flags



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