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United Methodist Flag

Support the symbol of the United Methodist Church with a United Methodist flag from CVSFlags.com.

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United Methodist Flag

CVSFlags.com offers United Methodist flags in a variety of sizes, all of which are made in the USA and can be shipped to you today. These flags are composed of SolarMax 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon and completed with a white header and stunning brass grommets to insure maximum durability. Vibrant colors and attention to detail will make our United Methodist flags will make a woderful addition to your home or church.

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The history of the United Methodist flag directly correlated with the creation of the United Methodist Insignia. In 1968 Edward J. Mikula was asked to create a symbol that would stand for the United Methodist Church. Mikula wanted the insignia to somehow incorporate the warmth John Wesley, Methodist leader, had discussed in how he found his faith. About twenty-four different designs were created and the chosen one offered a cross and a single dual flame. The flame was used to create the idea of the warmth and the duality of it was to symbolize the merger of the United Methodist Church with the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1968. The cross and the dual flame are also said to represent Christ and the Holy Spirit. Two versions of the original design were done, one offering just the symbol and the other offering the symbol and the words "The United Methodist Church." If the words are used they must all be capitalized and must encompass both horizontal and vertical elements. The United Methodist flag offers a pure white background with the Insignia including the words centered on the field. The exact date that the Insignia was place on a flag is not officially known. The Insignia registered by trademark in 1971.

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