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Shop with confidence knowing that all our U.S. flag materials are made in the U.S.A. and then sewn together by the most experienced craftsmen in our nation. Our process assures you consistant quality and value.

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So what is so special about the U.S. flag that represents the United States of America? To begin with our American flag is the most recognized symbols of our great country not just within the U.S. but throughout the world. In our country the U.S. flag is often displayed on private homes but the American flag is also presented on many businesses, civic and government buildings too.

The U.S. flag image is emblazoned on many items including patches on military and civil service uniforms. The American flag image will also be found on window decals, various clothing, tie tack pins and police and law enforcement badges. The United States flag representation is used almost anywhere that patriotism and respect is desired.

Outside of the United States in other countries we find our U.S. flags represents a symbol of freedom and a group of ideas and concepts seldom found else ware in the world.

The Unites States flags found on this category of our web site include U.S. flags for almost any purpose. The outdoor American flag offering includes U.S. flags made of heavy duty nylon and 2 ply polyester, Government Specified and the Traditional cotton. This section also offers U.S. flags mounted on a wood staff in several sizes. American stick flags are often used for patriotic events such a parades and for handouts and the larger stick flags are used to decorate veteran's graves. Our U.S. classroom flags and U.S. flag parade sets are used in schools and churches throughout the Unites States. The US internment flags are offered in traditional cotton ,nylon, and 2 ply polyester and are made in a specific size (5'X9.5') to drape a veterans casket and then folded in a triangular shape and presented to the next of kin at the end of the ceremony.Contained in this area are U.S. flag sets for home or commercial use and U.S. banners and bunting for seasonal decorations. The U.S. Government Specified flags meet U.S. code Title 4 requirements.

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