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Montana State Flag

“ORO Y PLATA” Montana: proclaim your dignity by showing your true colors with the Montana state flag from CVS Flags. We offer Montana State Flags in nylon and 2 ply polyester.
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Montana State Flag (nylon)

We offer beautiful, durable Montana flags made with SolarMax 200 denier heavy-duty outdoor nylon. This state flag is fully sewn and waves vibrant blue and gold colors with the traditional state seal centered on a blue field depicting some of Montana's beautiful scenery. A strong white header and striking brass grommets complete this honorable state flag. The Montana state flag reflects the pioneering history of the state. These state flags were proudly Made In the U.S.A. and make a perfect addition to any home or business. Click on description for product details.

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Flag Size Description Stock # Price 1 - 23 24 LOT
2' X 3' Montana State Flag (nylon) MT Flag Z02270102001 $17.50 Add to Cart $15.00 Each
3' X 5' Montana State Flag (nylon) MT Flag Z02270103001 $18.50 Add to Cart $15.50 Each
4' X 6' Montana State Flag (nylon) MT Flag Z02270104001 $33.50 Add to Cart $28.50 Each
5' X 8' Montana State Flag (nylon) MT Flag Z02270105001 $49.50 Add to Cart $45.50 Each


2 Ply Polyester

These Montana State Flags are made of tough 2 ply polyester, the strongest longest lasting flag material developed for maximum durability. 2 ply polyester Montana State Flags are an excellent choice for high wind areas.

Flag Size Description Stock # Price 1 - 23 24 LOT
3' X 5' Montana State Flag (polyester) MT Flag Z02270203001 $33.00 Add to Cart $24.35 Each
4' X 6' Montana State Flag (polyester) MT Flag Z02270204001 $55.50 Add to Cart $40.90 Each
5' X 8' Montana State Flag (polyester) MT Flag Z02270205001 $86.00 Add to Cart $63.35 Each

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Montana State Flag History:

The Montana state flag design was born of the initiative of a Colonel Kessler, head of the First Montana Infantry. During the spring of 1898, the First Montana Infantry, volunteers from several Montana communities prepared for the war against Spain at Fort William Henry Harrison. The ladies of Helena provided these men with a 45-star U.S. flag to carry to the conflict as their Regimental Colors. Colonel Kessler felt that his group of fighting volunteers needed a special flag or banner to distinguish his men from other forces. The flag that was constructed displayed an embroidered replica of the Montana state seal on a dark background. This hand-made silk flag displayed "1st Montana Infantry U.S.V." above the Montana state seal. This flag accompanied the First Montana Infantry to war in the fall of 1898 and served the unit well during its tour of duty. When the volunteers of the First Montana Infantry returned to Montana a year later, Colonel Kessler's flag had grown in stature and though not official, it was considered a fitting symbol of the state. In 1905, the Ninth Legislative Assembly proclaimed Colonel Kessler's flag to be the official flag of the state of Montana. The Montana flag as we know today has had two changes made. In 1981, the Legislature passed a bill requiring that the word "MONTANA", in Roman letters, be positioned above the seal. This was to distinguish the Montana flag from the flags of other states at a distance. In 1985, more specific definition of the letters spelling "MONTANA" was approved. Manufacturers of the flag specified “Helvetica bold” to eliminate the wide variety of styles in use. The state motto "ORO Y PLATA" (Spanish for Gold and Silver) is displayed on a ribbon at the below the seal. The Montana state seal is centered behind the brilliant sun, snowy mountains, forests, cliffs and the Great Falls of the Missouri River to serve as the background for a pick, a shovel and a plow representing Montana's mining and farming past and present.

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