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Puerto Rico Flag

Sail to the “Isle of Enchantment” with a Puerto Rico flag from CVS flags. We offer Puerto Rico Flags in nylon and 2 ply polyester.
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Puerto Rico Flag (nylon)

Made fro SolarMax 200 denier heavy duty outdoor nylon and finished with a strong white header and brass grommets, this flag is built to the maximum durability. Our Puerto Rico flag is vibrantly dyed to the most beautiful shades of blue, red, and white and was made in the U.S.A. Coming in a variety of sizes, we have the perfect Puerto Rico flag for any home or business. Order yours today. Click on description for product details. Click on description for product details. Special pricing on orders over 12 Contact Us

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Flag Size Description    Nylon Recommended Pole Height Price
2' X 3' Puerto Rico Flag $14.45 Add to Cart
3' X 5' Puerto Rico Flag 15' - 20' $24.00 Add to Cart
4' X 6' Puerto Rico Flag 20' - 25' $35.70 Add to Cart
5' X 8' Puerto Rico Flag $51.75 Add to Cart



Puerto Rico Flag History:

The Puerto Rico flag was designed in 1890. This flag came from the Cuban Revolutionary party but it is disputed to whether Manuel de Besosa or Antonia Velez Alvarado designed the flag The flag offers five horizontal stripes of equal size in alternating red and white. There is a blue triangle coming off of the left side pointing to the center of the flag and in the triangle is a white star. The colors of the flag are said to be based from the Cuban flag, but many associate it with the colors of the American flag. The Puerto Rico flag was officially adopted in 1952 on the same day it became and American commonwealth.

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